Church of Fire

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Training and Education

We run a range of workshops – either stand alone or attached to a show – using fire and pyrotechnics to engage and motivate students, young people and adults. As well as teaching exciting creative skills such as design, sculpture and aspects of outdoor performance, these courses can be tailored to teach elements of production management, health & safety and stage management. Fire is a great metaphor and can be used to explore more intangible themes that connect and inspire people.

As a counter to the ephemeral nature of our shows, the Church of Fire is an ongoing TWF project using fire, fireworks and photography to create images that live beyond the moment. Through workshops with a range of students, young people and adults, the project is constantly developing – the results are always different and invariably surprising.

For corporate clients, pyrotechnic workshops offer an exciting way of teambuilding, addressing issues of creativity and risk from a unique angle. Our Catharsis project makes obstacles and obsolete approaches tangible as a giant sculpture, which is ceremonially burned.

We offer placement opportunities for students of theatre, events and arts administration.

A growing area of our work is our consultancy services – from H&S advice and facilitation for visiting companies to identifying pyrotechnic possibilities in architectural projects.

Our partners and clients for these projects include Royal Mail, thomas.matthews, University of Kent, Julian Harrup Architects.