Our Mission

The World Famous was formed in 1999 by a group of pyrotechnicians and designers who wanted to explore new ways of working with fire and fireworks.  Since then, we have been creating shows which blend pyrotechnics with performance, large images, music, projection, procession and/or community involvement.  Our aim is to combine the intimate with the spectacular, form with content, fireworks with theatre. 

We work collaboratively, both within the company and with other artists.  We initiate projects and respond to creative briefs.  We work in this medium because it communicates directly to audiences – fire crosses language barriers and our work appeals to a wide-ranging audience.
Our touring shows – Sticky, (with Improbable), Blast!, Crackers?, Frost & Fire and Full Circle – travel to arts festivals across the UK and internationally, but a large proportion of our work is one-off and site-specific; celebratory shows for festivals, governments, companies and individuals.

Not all our work is large-scale, or even outdoors.  We also create intimate installations, produce photographic art, provide special effects for theatre & film, deliver workshops and training courses and offer a consultancy service.  

We are passionate about fire and fireworks and are always looking for new creative challenges.

The company is a member of the British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA), the Explosives Industry Group of the CBI (EIG), the Independent Theatre Council (ITC) and the Independent Street Arts Network (ISAN).