28 June 2008: Full Circle Greenwich and Docklands Festival Review

“People who say fireworks are not art can’t have seen any truly astonishing shows – such as Christophe Berthonneau’s Un Peu Plus de Lumière or Improbable’s Sticky – and so won’t accept that fragile edifices flaming in the wind can tell us as much about the human condition as, say, King Lear. UK-based pyrotechnicians The World Famous, who provided the flames and fireworks for Sticky, produced a larger-scale show for the Greenwich and Docklands festival, an event whose annual contribution to the happiness of the people of London is unrivalled.

Things certainly go with a bang from the opening moments of Full Circle, when four pod-like structures, stranded high in the air, unfurl to reveal the musicians from the band Terrafolk. For the next 45 minutes, the quartet offer a musical meditation on the changing seasons while the skies erupt in flame and smoke, thousands of stars fly into the heavens and a giant tree blazes with life. Spring’s tumultuous tumescence is indeed a thing of shock and awe. It is hugely entertaining stuff, and provides a fine calling card for 2012 from a company that over the years has grown fantastically in both technical competence and confidence…” – The Guardian