10 January 2011: Happy New Year and new touring show

We hope you all had a great festive break and did not suffer too much in the adverse weather.
We are delighted to be snow and rain free at last and in thick of planning for the exciting year ahead.

First off, come and celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with us in Trafalgar Square on 6th February.

Then we start development of our new touring show, 'Work In Progress’ a celebration of human collective endeavour, impermanence & change, and of the power of connection. It is a large scale, outdoor, night time show for up to 10,000 people, combining fire fireworks, light, sound, music and simple-but-clever tipping structures. We will be trying out some ideas for the show at festivals across the UK this summer and are looking for festival partners to present the final show in 2012.
Contact us for more details….