10 July 2008: Meltdown! premiered in Newbury on 6 July Review

“A small, foolhardy crowd braved Sunday’s foul weather in Newbury’s Market Place as a troupe of human penguins, already in character, ambled around waiting for their show to begin…

...The story chronicled the penguin life cycle, drawing comparisons between the birds and human mating behaviour with expressive acting and some very clever props.
I found it surprisingly emotive and the pyrotechnic display, as the Penguins weathered the harsh winter months, was incredibly dramatic. As the production reached the peak of its dramatic crescendo the heavens opened with more torrential rain in synchronisation with fireworks, smoke and thunderclap from surrounding buildings – resulting in a pleasently disorientating experience. Literally hundreds of fireworks must have been released in the space of two minutes and the whole market place was blanketed in white tape.

Both funny and sad in equal doses, I found this forty-five minute anthropomorphic tale to be quite charming, simple and expressive despite having my reservations in the opening minutes.
Meltdown was the result of a collaboration between The World Famous production company which is renowned for its pyrotechnic displays and the Cartoon De Salvo touring theatre group.
The Production was commissioned by the Berkshire Consortium and featured local drama volunteers.”  Ben Johnson Reporter Newbury Today.