19 August 2010: Phew - a quick breather and a pat on the back!

Following our busiest weeks we’re reviewing some of the feedback and are delighted to say a resounding well done to all our team who have worked their socks off.

Here are some great comments from the audiences.

CAMP BESTIVAL “..the fireworks … were timed, placed and choreographed to perfection shooting out of the Castles turrets, sides, base and roof perfectly in time to the music, making them one of the finest fireworks displays I’ve ever seen.”

“..a fireworks finale that was jaw-droppingly beautiful”. Click on the picture taken by Ross Loades to see this beautiful display.

THE BIG CHILL “..the World Famous produced their now-annual fireworks spectacular featuring the burning of a giant egg which was a spellbinding event which saw hundreds litter the banks in the warm glow of a huge towering structure set on fire. They’ve set their standards higher and higher over the last three years so it will be interesting to see quite how they’ll top the cracking of an egg spurting forth rockets to light up the sky should they return next year. Here’s hoping they do!”

Next on our agenda is Bestival on the Isle of Wight at the Robin Hill Country Park on 12 September.