07 June 2012: Silo D @ Paradise Gardens Festival - Grand Opening of the London Pleasure Gardens


On Saturday 30th June we will be presenting an exclusive show Silo D at Paradise Gardens Festival the Grand Opening Event for the London Pleasure Gardens which is also a part of the London 2012 Festival

Silo D is a spectacular pyrotechnic display and theatrical performance that will animate and celebrate the architecture of a unique piece of London’s industrial heritage and explore the history of the Silvertown site.

The show is inspired by a traumatic event that happened on the site in 1917 when a TNT factory exploded, tragically killing 73 people and filling the sky with burning grain, at once both beautiful and terrifying.

The show will fuse music, pyrotechnics, projection and theatre in a large, open air performance.

London Pleasure Gardens, sited in the heart of Olympic East London, is a 20-acre riverside arts and entertainment destination which celebrates the very best of London’s world famous alternative culture.

Paradise Gardens Festival is a two day festival 30th June & 1st July to celebrate the Grand Opening of the London Pleasure Gardens.

The event is FREE! You don’t even need tickets, simply turn up from 1pm and join the party!

Silo D will be taking place from: 10:00 PM – 10:45 PM on Saturday 30th June 2012

Silo D Credits
Director: Mike Roberts
Pyro Design: Maria Hingerty
Performance Director: Pippa Bailey
Movement Director: Gabrielle Moleta
Sound Design: Thor McIntyre-Burnie
Lighting Design: Douglas Green
In partnership with the Central School of Drama