25 July 2012: Song For Dover in pictures





Artistic Directors: Mike Roberts & Pippa Bailey
Firework Design: Maria Hingerty
Musical Composition: Helen Chadwick & Howard Moody
Musical Director: Howard Moody
Production Manager: Mat Ort

The World Famous Crew:
Amy Draper, Arvydas Petrikas, Asher Heigham, Ben Stephen, Brian Thunder, Cara Smyth, Carrie Lonsdale, Chris Hoxey, Gabriel Burden, Gabrielle Moleta, Graeme Gilmour, Jon Bielstein, Liz O’Byrne, Mandy Dike, Martin King, Mathew Nicholls, Paddy Benedict, Paul Bryce, Sally Langford & Tim Carter.

Song for Dover was delivered by a partnership between The World Famous, Dover District Council and Kent County Council and had embedded arts and culture into every aspect of the celebration with substantial support from Arts Council England.

Photographs thanks to :

Rikard Osterlund