"These pyrotechnicians are pushing the boundaries of theatre" - The Times

"The most imaginative show of the year" - The Observer

"The biggest flame effect I've seen on stage." - Neal Criscolou, New York Fire Dept.

"......a thing of shock and awe...hugely entertaining stuff..." - Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

"...a curious mixture of narrative, mood and spectacle that makes you want to reach for the stars. " - Ian Johns, The Times

"..an indication of the increasing sophistication of British outdoor theatre ... " - The Guardian

"..breathtakingly beautiful...a pleasure to watch" - The Guardian

"Their artistic approach and creative focus set The World Famous apart from other companies." - Simon Chatterton, Bracknell Music Festival

"Saw your show here last night and it was great. The three small boys stood next to me were spellbound at the flight and landing. " - Audience Member Blast! St Raphael

"An experience that lingers in the memory." - The West Australian

"These people create tremendous excitement. " - Trevor Nunn

"Fantastic. Most original piece of theatre I’ve ever seen." - Audience member The Little Match Girl.

"..utterly exceptional..a breathaking way to end the evening." - Emma Mansfield - Eden Project.

"..layers of meaning delivered with a lightness of touch..with such, apparently effortless, aplomb." - Bill Palmer - Avanti Display.

"These guys do things with pyrotechnics that no one else in the world does. " - Fergus Linehan, Director - Sydney Arts Festival

"I was staggered by just how beautiful and moving it was. Such talented folks, The World Famous are. " - Martin Sutherland, Royal & Derngate, on Crackers?

"You set the perfect tone for a great evening." - Angus MacKechnie, National Theatre

"Can fireworks ever be art? In the hands of The World Famous they certainly can.." - Lyn Gardner - The Guardian

"It was brilliant and bonkers and breathtaking!" - Audience member Crackers?

"It was a real pleasure to work with a team who worked…with such understated professionalism. " - Liz Lowther, Cleethorpes Festival of Fire

"Not many free events provide such intoxication for the senses..a spine tingling show." - Craig Lewis - Journalist.

"World leaders in their field." - David Micklem Arts Council England

"It was quite simply the most stunningly beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and well rounded thing I have ever seen. The visuals, the great music, the great singing and the crowd just made it one thing I doubt I will ever forget." - Audience member, Full Circle, MKIF

"fantastic... the fireworks were better than Sydney Harbour Bridge!!!!!" - Audience Member, Salisbury Festival 2010.

"memorable, cheeky and inspiring." - Sally Staples, Head of Kent Arts Development

"enthralling spectacle, delicate visual imagery, focused theatre making, musical sensitivity" - Bill Gee, BGA

"a unique balance of high artistic quality and sheer spectacle" - Frank Wilson, Director SIRF

"the leading pyrotechnic company in the UK ... with a great skill for storytelling and evoking emotion" - Kate Hazel, Alchemy Productions

"what British outdoor art can produce at its best. " - Daniel Andrieu, Director Viva Cite / Atelier 231

"extraordinary fireworks integrated into intelligent and memorable performance" - Bill Harris, Sydney Festival

"The best pyrotechnic innovators in the UK. " - Virtual Festivals

"The most impressive fireworks display - awesome. A gauntlet has been thrown down to all other festivals and the bar has been set high, very high." 9.5/10 " - Virtual Festivals talking about Camp Bestival 2009