Full Circle

“...Spring’s tumultuous tumescence is indeed a thing of shock and awe. It is hugely entertaining stuff, and provides a fine calling card for 2012 from a company that over the years has grown fantastically in both technical competence and confidence…” - “Lyn Gardner in The Guardian”

Full Circle uses live music, fire, fireworks and special effects to tell a story of change, taking you on a journey through the seasons.

A frozen tree sits in a wintry landscape. The wind howls through its branches, carrying strange sounds. Out of the noise, a tune emerges and four pod-like flowers slowly open to reveal musicians. Live music brings the garden to life…

Spring’s new growth blooms into a colourful summer party, heat builds and the air turns heavy;
Can music resist the storm?

“...a breathtaking journey that ended with slow piano against a snow storm dissolving into a rainbow of cascading swathes of stars, leaving the massive crowd silenced…”
Jan Fairley Songlines Magazine.

Full Circle is a fireshow created in collaboration with eclectic Slovenian musicians, Terrafolk.

Concept & Design: Mandy Dike / Directed by Mike Roberts & Mandy Dike / Pyro Design: Mandy Dike & Maria Hingerty / Production Management: Mat Ort / Soundscape: Thor McIntyre-Burnie aswarm / Lighting Design: Phil Supple Light Refreshment / Technical Design: Graeme Gilmour / Sound Design: James Parkinson & Dave Waugh / Pyrotechnicians & Riggers (variously): Jon Bielstein, Paul Bryce, Gabriel Burden, Tim Carter, Emeline fevotte, Chris Hoxey, Sally Langford, Heike Lohse, Mathew Nicholls, Brian Thunder.

The Terrafolk line-up for Full Circle is: Guitar Mystica / Violin, Vocals Una Palliser / Accordion, Drums, Vocals Marko Hatlak / Keyboards, Korg, Effects Tigor / Manager Graeme Higgs

Full Circle is an IN SITU show. IN SITU, European network for artistic creation in public areas, has been financed with the support of the European Commission (Culture 2000 programme). Full Circle was commissioned by Big In Falkirk and In Situ and co-commissioned by Without Walls.